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Where Friends Meet and New Friends are Met

Good Food, Good Friends, Good Cheer!

Welcome to The Yardarm

boatsEvery town has one . . . that neighborhood gathering place where friends meet for a drink, some conversation and conviviality, where upon entry you’re greeted with a smile and a thanks for coming, and where, when you get hungry, a table is waiting and the food is solid, as is the service.

In Orleans, we’re that place – The Yardarm. Since 1972, we’ve been the spot on Outer Cape Cod where friends meet and friends are made. Local color abounds, from fishermen to physicians, tradesmen to tourists, all rubbing elbows at the bar and extending conversation from table to table while the Red Sox or the Patriots appear on our many TVs.

Our restaurant has an extensive menu of local seafoods, chowders and soups, steaks and burgers. Every day the Specials Board goes up with even more offerings to tempt you with appetizers and finger foods, the day’s fresh catch right off the boat, the burger of the day, the lunch specials and much more.

The Yardarm’s History


John and Jayne Sully

A few years ago, a local writer, a world traveler, once described The Yardarm restaurant as “The closest thing that Cape Cod has to an authentic European pub.”

He was right.

On any given day, a visitor will find the tables populated with grandmothers taking their granddaughters out for a birthday lunch, sitting next to plumbers and carpenters trying to get some protein and carbohydrates before they return to work, climbing back on a roof, or crawling under a foundation.

Local lawyers, during lunch recess from Orleans District Court, often fill up a corner table, continuing discussion of legal issues over their soups and sandwiches.

Check In Often For Specials

We’ll be updating our Twitter postings often, alerting you to a daily special, or a special event. So, look to this space for Yardarm News.

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